India Budget

Budget India: quite interesting to know many new schemes and development ideas are explored. I will not repeat them. But I missed seeing more subsidies for manufacturing companies in the form of tax relief or land at a lower price or less paperwork. Like the Gujarat model, we need to give one window clearance to those who subscribe to make in India model.
We still have not initiated any move on making mobiles in the country. Giving ways to Samsung to get produced in India is not enough. We don’t have our brand for mobiles. Similar to computers, we must be the largest consumer of laptop and desktops. We only one fully Indian brand. Very similar to the operating system. Windows operating system is available in all other international languages but not in Hindi. Why?
In all, there is only one fully Indian company compare to ten foreign companies in every sector.
It’s time we take gigantic steps to reduce the cost of production to compete China at least in SMEs. Maybe we are not capable of beating the giants but it’s time we support cottage industries and other handicrafts which is also almost taken over by Chinese products.
My list is endless. May be some other time