In the land of Mahaprabhuji

Champaran has become historically famous for the first ever satyagraha march led by Mahatma Gandhiji which put the place firmly in the independence struggle of India. Champaran is also a spiritual hotspot. It is famous as the birthplace of Shri Vallabhacharya known as Shree Mahaprabhuji. Mahaprabhuji lived in the fifteenth century in Champaranya near Raipur in present day Chattisgarh. He is the founder of the Vallabh sect known as Pushti marg. His birth was itself a miracle. You can read the interesting account of his life in my website if you follow this link

champaran 1.jpgchamparan-2

On the holy Makar Sankranti day this year I was fortunate to be at the haveli of Mahaprabhuji. The journey to Champaranya was so refreshing and beautiful.The Mahanadi flows near the temple and it is believed to be flowing from River Yamuna. It makes the place even more beautiful. The entire experience was truly divine.