Hinduvedic Scriptures

Someone recently asked me how can I talk about learning scriptures when I myself hasn’t got any formal training or degree in the same. Let’s understand one thing that in today’s time none of us coming from so called educated family go to Vedic schools or pathshala for higher studies. We all have been the victim of the Macauley designed rubbish education system. I started my research in Vedic texts after I got two master degrees and I am not ashamed of it. Also I am not going to teach or preach or even talk about which shloka comes in which scripture as I am not qualified to do it. That is the job of qualified Sanskrit scholar or guru of a Vedic pathshala and I definitely want to support them in their jobs. I know basic Sanskrit, can read and understand moderately difficult shloka but still not proficient in speaking fluently like Sanskrit scholars.

But yes I know what I am doing. We all need to bring out the best pearls from the scriptures and use them wisely into our daily lives. It is also a matter of pride and utmost contentment for us that we Hindus have such a rich vast knowledge bank.
My focus is mainly cultural aspects of life which touches us at many points on every day basis. This itself is a humongous task and can not be achieved in one lifetime. I will ensure that I create more Vaishali Shah Author before I leave this earth so that this work continues.
Let’s at least live traditional form of Hindu lifestyle with Indian food, dress, music, art, rituals, temple ceremonies, festivals, family customs and take pride even in that famous Indian nodding.