Hinduism is also a religion

Why we should stop saying that Hinduism is a way of life. The moment we say this,

-we are a soft target of missionaries as they claim their God is the only God and we don’t have any Gods.

  • we can not claim any freedom of speech or expression on the basis of religions which others enjoy
  • we can’t claim any rights over the temple properties in some cases becuase they automatically become culture centers or just temples belonging to no faith
  • we can’t claim anything in the court when our religious sentiments are attacked because if we are not a religion than what’s getting attacked? Nothing.
  • we can’t teach our scriptures like others do as they have religious centers attached to schools and they are allowed to teach their scriptures but we don’t have any independent schools teaching our scriptures and we are not allowed to have hindu schools teaching them
  • if we don’t call ourselves something specific we are no man’s land. Why we should become that?
  • we can’t publicly sing Hanuman Chalise on the roads since we are not a religion.

So let’s call Vedic dharma is a religion of its own, having multiple scriptures, having own sciences and scientists, having many gods, having various theories, thousands of Rishis and gurus who shaped it into what we see today, thousands of temples and centres across the world, thousands of years of history of our gods who took human form to teach us the lessons of life, many kings and warriors who defended it, many gurus who added to the primary knowledge of Veda, millions of commentaries on scriptures, having physical territories till Iran and the Far East which are snatched away from us by barbaric faiths, painful history of wealth looted from temples, millions of people killed for following this faith or defending it.

Can you pls share this as much as possible? It’s very important to identify ourselves in a positive light.