Family love


A family is such a wonderful place for each one of us to grow and evolve as a person. It takes a lot of love, commitment and effort to keep the family as a unit. The famous American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn says “Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.”  It is the older members of the family who sow good ideals which become the norm later on. Children observe and imbibe these ideals sub consciously and fashion their later years to a large extent based on the experiences they have received in their childhood. These are called family values which are cherished by each individual as they are unique to each family and which make the journey through life memorable.

Are there a definite set of values straight jacketed for each family? The answer is an overwhelming no for they are different for each family based on so many factors. What holds good for one individual or family may not find favor with another. These are a set of values that are so unique and cherished by each family. They can be described as a set of rules that the entire family stays true to and follows at all times. Sometimes they can also be unspoken rules but are followed as one does not like to cause hurt to others. Over time these bind the members of the family together and in times of distress, these values help one another to tide over the crisis. The family as a solid unit is a bedrock of support and helps each one to find his or her moorings eventually. The warm love that each member basks in is enough to sustain the members through difficult times.

As I look lovingly at all the members of my family my heart also goes out to those unfortunate ones who come from broken homes or are separated from their loved ones due to whatever reason. As we are so close to the New Year maybe one really good resolution would be to extend a loving hand and heart to someone out there who longs for the warmth of love. Maybe in our own small way we can make this world a better place for such unfortunate ones too.