Declutter and Detox


With the arrival of the festive season, it is raining discounts and bargains everywhere. Festivals are no longer quiet affairs celebrated with close family and friends. Rather it has now become a season to look forward to what the malls and hypermarkets can offer. I feel using festivals to make quick sales is a marketing gimmick that has caught on in recent years. I remember when we were young, not so long ago, we used to look forward to festivals because it gave us time to stay at home or go visiting our friends. It was more quiet and peaceful compared to the glitz and glamour of what it is today. And then there are the online offers. There is something or the other every day so the e-commerce sites announce grand bargains and discounts. Sometimes they offer new gadgets in exchange for old ones- in an ‘as is where is’ condition is what they advertise.

But how much can one go on buying? Of course, every product undergoes change almost on a daily basis. But imagine how we keep accumulating junk cluttering our homes and in a larger sense our earth. Landfills are the greatest problem. There is no way to dispose of the used e-goods. It may take zillions of years for these landfills to be cleared. How much can this earth take on? If this is the story of bringing in junk into our homes then what about our bodies?

There is so much to experiment as far as food goes, new recipes find their way to restaurants and eateries. Our tongue relishes new tastes and one look around we know for sure that the food industry is thriving everywhere.

Wellness experts say it is better to declutter our homes and detox our bodies periodically. Whenever we feel low or negative then throwing out junk from homes brings in fresh air and fresh vibrations. This is a proven tip and I can say that I have experienced freshness and positivity after this exercise. Similarly, it is also good to detox ourselves especially after indulging in all kinds of rich food say after a wedding or celebration or a party. Taking simple, raw foods and plenty of fresh juices and water detoxes our body and gives our digestive system a much-needed rest.