Dashera celebrated with havan 

An excellent opportunity came my way to celebrate Vijaya dashmi by getting a chance to do dashera havan at sanatan hindu union temple today. Truly worth my time and all the efforts. Kudos to the ladies wing for preparing such a delicious food for more than 800 people. 

This time we were fortunate to get up and close with power of Shakti and recite various mantra and perform chandi yagna. I think I have started enjoying the ritualistic side of our religion. It is just too fulfiling and changes the aura of our environment. It also teaches us the lessons of life and how much the environment is important to our life. The complete process of yagna is a celebration of various aspects of our life, nature and our emotions. 

One might consider this as a ritualistic process and religious. But it is actually a call to the external force which is working  above us and purify our body, mind and soul.