Childrens Book

Children books: our battle for Indian and Hindu culture seems difficult. Every time I try to look for something Indian or Hindu in any books or toys or even regular shops, I get slapped on my face. No matter what we do and kind of knowledge we share on various forums and conferences, till our culture doesn’t turn into profit-making products all efforts will fail.Firstly, we need to replace every game boards, learning books, craft materials and every other learning tools available in the market. We need to promote such companies which are into making kids activities’ sheets and games.The second step is to develop such products which talk about various Hindu festivals, cultural significance and related topics. Thirdly, we have no music or very few school poetries or rhymes available in Hindi or other regional languages. I have found a few but it’s very less compare to English material. Remember, English language is fully commercialised from all angles hence it’s working. Or else it would haven’t ruled the world and especially us for such a long time.