Krishna explains the modern science and Vaikuntha

As many so-called researchers and other believers have claimed that Bhagwad Geeta doesn’t talk about moksha or nirvana. But I am sure they have never studied this scripture in detail hence they claim the same thing. Last time we discussed how Krishna has compared this world with the Banyan tree in the fifteenth chapter. InContinue reading “Krishna explains the modern science and Vaikuntha”

Krishna compares the world with the Banyan tree

We all know that the Banyan tree is the largest tree and has its root in the deeper side of the land. While I started studying the fifteenth chapter of Bhagwad Geeta, I was a bit confused and amused both at the same time. Krishna started saying that the banyan tree has roots upwards andContinue reading “Krishna compares the world with the Banyan tree”

Krishna explains the tamasic nature of humans

We have discussed the satvik and rajasic nature of the humans earlier. Today we will discuss the tamasic nature of the human mind. It is very interesting to know that our mind plays all three nature all the time and may be for the same topic and incident. The most difficult aspect of human natureContinue reading “Krishna explains the tamasic nature of humans”

Krishna explains the rajasic Tattva in our nature

In the last article we discussed the concept of three guna of prakriti which are controlling us and making us do things we do in this life. The first and the most important guna is satvik guna. If one remains in this guna all the time, he becomes more knowledgeable and also inner happiness increases.Continue reading “Krishna explains the rajasic Tattva in our nature”

Bhagwad Gita in my column in Janmabhoomi newspaper

I have started focusing only on Bhagwad Gita in my column in Janmabhoomi newspaper of Mumbai. Trying to explain the purpose of each chapter and what we can implement in our life.This article explains the tenth chapter to the fourteenth chapter in a nutshell.While I was learning Bhagwad Gita from various gurus and institutes IContinue reading “Bhagwad Gita in my column in Janmabhoomi newspaper”

Krishna’s love through Gopi geet

This article is about how to get Krishna’s love through Gopi geet. The most sentimental and very emotional poetry by gopis when they came to know Krishna is never going to come back to Gokul ever again. I got tears in my eyes while writing this article as I could feel the pain of themContinue reading “Krishna’s love through Gopi geet”

Karma Yog explained by Krishna

Karma Yog one of my favourite chapters of Bhagwad Gita. I have explained few versus of this chapter in this article. Most of these articles are my notes I had written while studying Bhagwad Geeta in various institutes. I just realised that I have more than 8 certificates of different institutes from where I haveContinue reading “Karma Yog explained by Krishna”

article is about Krishna & science

This a article is about Krishna and science. Those who think our scriptures are mere religious books, you should read Bhagwad Geeta in your mother language to understand various aspects of science described there.I have covered only few points in this article which talks about how we are born, the galaxies and their inmates etc.Continue reading “article is about Krishna & science”

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