Anandi Ben Patel – CM of Gujarat- India

I must say what woman can do men can’t after meeting Anandiben Patel. She is tough but very sensible and sensitive. It was a great challenge for her to take over from Modiji as everyone’s expectations were at its peak. When I met her she was really busy with so many people waiting outside herContinue reading “Anandi Ben Patel – CM of Gujarat- India”

Narendra Modiji- Prime Minister of India

It was a great pleasure to meet Modiji personally in Gandhi Nagar during the parliament session in February 2013. After going through the formal process of his office, the staff outside was wondering why  I want to meet Modiji. But when he spent more than 18 minutes with me explaining how my project of http://www.indianscriptures.comContinue reading “Narendra Modiji- Prime Minister of India”