The Bhakthi of the Gopis

Recently there was a discourse series at Pushti Marg Haveli in Nairobi. I was very fortunate to attend these lectures. The theme was the love of the gopis for Krushn in Gopi Geet. Pujya Jejeshree conducted the discourses and in his usual style explained so beautifully all the verses and dwelt at length on theContinue reading “The Bhakthi of the Gopis”

An encounter with Naga Bawa in Ujjain

The experience to know who Naga bawa is and why they are so important during Kumbh mela is completely out of the world. I always wondered about these clan who roam without clothes and live in the jungle and practice world’s weirdest cult. Many of us always thought that they practice witchcraft and harm peopleContinue reading “An encounter with Naga Bawa in Ujjain”

Who is the pop of Hindu religion?

We often forget our roots in religion and how our roots were saved by our beloved Shankaracharya more than two thousand years ago. I met the current Shankaracharya of Kashi and Dwarka, Shree Swarupananadji during Kumbh in Ujjain after having met him earlier during the Allahabad Kumbh. I have known him for more than aContinue reading “Who is the pop of Hindu religion?”

Indore city- an example of women’s lib in our History

Indore city was beautified and ruled by Ahilyabai Holkar in the late 17th century. It is a great example of how a woman could change the city from dust to a beautiful town. When she found that her son was not capable of holding onto the crown taking forward the legacy of the family, she decidedContinue reading “Indore city- an example of women’s lib in our History”

Evening arati at Ram ghat in Ujjain

There is a special significance to the evening arati at Ram Ghat as that is the place where Lord Ram had immersed his father King Dasharath’s ashes after his death. On the main day of shahi snan we went there and witnessed this famous arati. The sight of thousands of people praying at the same timeContinue reading “Evening arati at Ram ghat in Ujjain”

Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain

It was a thrilling and enchanting experience to be at the Mahakal temple. The most important arati is called bhasma arati in the morning and only the really fortunate ones can witness it that too during the kumbh mela. During the arati I saw many different avataras of Mahakal. It made me realise that finally weContinue reading “Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain”

My experience at Ujjain Kumbh Mela

It was such a wonderful break from emails, whatsapp and mobiles as most of the time these didn’t work and also I didn’t even feel like touching it. Kumbh is the best example of how people are self controlled, self-managed and very disciplined as even a troop of 20000 army and para military groups can notContinue reading “My experience at Ujjain Kumbh Mela”

What is Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv 2016

I consider myself truly blessed to be in Ujjain during the Simhastha Kumbh Mahaparv. It is the world’s largest fair, a congregation of supreme faith and devotion. The Madhya Pradesh government has spent more than Rs 3,600 crore on making preparations for this gigantic religious event. The festival went on for 30 days from 22-April-2016Continue reading “What is Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv 2016”

Presented a case paper on who are the authors of Hindu scriptures

This session was about my favourite topic of Indian scriptures and the relevant importance of the same in today’s life. The HWPL came up with very relevant questions and expected us to share our thoughts on the same. The meeting was attended by various leaders from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.  Everyone presented interesting quotesContinue reading “Presented a case paper on who are the authors of Hindu scriptures”

An interesting journey to kumbh snana at Haridwar

It is an interesting fact that who doesn’t know what is Kumbh Mela. From Maxico to China, every individual familier with world’s wonders would know what is Kumbh Mela in India. It was my third kumbh visit at Haridwar this January. Though it is an ardh kumbh- half kumbh which comes after every six yearsContinue reading “An interesting journey to kumbh snana at Haridwar”

Temples-Providing leadership, networking and serving as resource center

Temples or Mandir or Devalayam in Sanskrit is the house of god, place of worship and a platform to connect with the inner soul. Temples have been a significant part of Indian culture for thousands of years. It has been a torch, a leading light, a social image of the society and a place to find the solace.Continue reading “Temples-Providing leadership, networking and serving as resource center”

Chanakya Niti!!

I am so glad that finally I completed watching series of Chanakya on DVD. It was an interesting journey watching this saga after so many years again. This series was released more than 20 years back in India which I watched again after more than a decade. I could relate the same to the bookContinue reading “Chanakya Niti!!”

Theories of Moksha in various vedic beliefs in Bharat- part 2

I was thinking about the statement that ‘India is a cradle of many religions’. Well, that means India must have always been a tolerant country that has welcomed newer thoughts getting infused into existing religion and breaking out into new religions. That speaks volumes about the nature of its people who were ready to embraceContinue reading “Theories of Moksha in various vedic beliefs in Bharat- part 2”

Various theories of Moksha in Vedic scriptures part 1

Hinduism is such a fascinating religion that the more I delve into it the more I am fascinated by it. It seems to offer something to everybody. Look at Adi Sankara, on the one hand, he has given us so many stothras like the Ganesh Pancharatna, Kanakadara etc. and many other vaidik rituals and inContinue reading “Various theories of Moksha in Vedic scriptures part 1”

THE ESSENCE OF THE 3D’S -Daan, Daam, Daya

Hindu Scriptures stress on values that are universal and can be cultivated by all. The virtues of Dama- Self Restraint, Dana- Charity or giving and Daya- Compassion can be practiced by all easily. Read on to understand the essence of the 3D’s as they are collectively called in this article.  Sanathan Dharma has always stressedContinue reading “THE ESSENCE OF THE 3D’S -Daan, Daam, Daya”


“It is an insult to a starving man to teach him metaphysics” This one quote by Swami Vivekanada even as early as the nineteenth century sums up the situation of the common man in India. Swamiji’s compassion to the poor stemmed from his real life experiences of seeing them roam pathetically the length and breadthContinue reading “THE ETERNAL RELEVANCE OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA’S PHILOSOPHY”

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