Bet Dwarka

I have no words to express my joy about bulldozing happening in Bet Dwarka. I have been to the home of Shri Dwarkadhish many many times over. I don’t even remember the final count. whenever I used to go there, I would visit few other temples around that small village.

Over the period of time, I noticed that the number of green Color houses were just increasing every passing year. I always wondered what’s happening there. I have witnessed various encroachments many places around the main temple. Finally, Dwarkadhish heard my prayers and some visible changes are taking place.

But my question to the gujarat govt is, why did they allow to grow this menance to this level that they cover 80% of the population and we are mere 20%. Demographic change is the biggest weapon for them.

Finally, the best solution to this issue is,

-Bet Dwarka should be announced the property of main Dwarkadhish temple.

  • it should be managed by the main dwarkadhish temple of Dwarka
  • govt should build schools, shops, resorts, picnic spots, restore old temples, and manage the main temple of Bet Dwarka.
  • can also give to corporates to adopt the small villages around that area