A talk on who is myneighbour by Gandhi Foundation at St. Martin in the fields

I atrended a very inspiriting talk on how to deal with diversity and avoid conflicts by Gandhi Foundation at St Martin- in- the- Fields at Trafalgar Square in London. The talk was initiated by Rowan Williams who is actively involved with various works of Gandhi.

He addressed on how to accept the diversity and avoid conflics arising out of it. It was an wye opening for me to know a completely different shades of empathy, diversity and peace. 

It is surely going to take my reaearch on peace and restoration of peace to the next level.

Few excerpts from the talk

– conflicts arises out of failing to understand the difference

– I have no idea how you feel is definaltely not a good statement 

– Empathy might do wonders id applied positively 

– Accepting the complications of diversity is the only solution

– Deeper sense of all religions and identity and security of that identity is the key issue of today’s world

– Ethical behavior is the roots of the civilization and culture 

– Border disputes, tribalism, civil war- outcome of a rigid mind

– Diversity is not the death of the country

– Deficite of knowledge is growing

– Education system is designed to make people fit into the society as they like

– Collective nervous breakdown can be avoided