A talk on vegetarianism at Nyamira Girls high school

It was a tough day for me as the distance to the school was too much for me to cover.. but somehow I managed to reach there.. After seeing the enthusiasm of the girls, my hesitation  just disappeared. It was worth the drive and time invested for this talk.

When I started talking about meat consumption and the effects of the same on our life, I wasn’t sure if my reasons will be convincing enough.. but when I ended up with many questions by the students, I realised that they do understand the meaning of healthy living, problems of environment, problems of natural calamities and its impact on our life.

The session was fulfilling to me as every time I talk to a different set of people, I learn something new and it strengthens my arguments and conviction in the cause I have taken up to help and make them realise the impact of our lifestyle on climate and on our own health.