Krishna reconfirms the existence of the Vedas

We live in a world wherein our Vedic scriptures are under constant criticism. The whole of the western world has questioned if the knowledge we have gathered is true or not. In such cases, when Bhagwad Geeta is largely accepted then why some content of the Gita is not accepted. There are some scholars who have propagated that in Veda there is no mention of Gods which means we created Gods. But Krishna clarifies that doubt too by saying that he is the creator of the Vedas. It clearly means that God does exist in Vedas apart from various Devata who is mentioned throughout all four Vedas.

While studying the fifteenth chapter, I found such proof about Veda. The fifteenth shloka of the fifteenth chapter reconfirms the existence of Veda. This shloka is really very beautiful. I can’t believe that our scriptures give all the proof we want to reconfirm their authenticity and practicability. It is only a matter of reading these scriptures. 

All four Veda, Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurved, Atharved are the most ancient scriptures believed to exist from the time when this universe came into existence. It is the primary source of all knowledge we have so far in India. They are still in many Vedic Pathshalas and considered to be the most important texts of all time.

Krishna says that by studying the Vedas, one has to know me as I am the main element of the Vedas. He is the compiler of the Vedanta. Vedanta means the end of Veda. Ved Vyasa wrote down the Vedant sutra, he is considered to be the incarnation of the Many spiritual gurus teach Vedanta as a subject in their ashrams or gurukul even today. Vedanta describes the essence of Veda in nutshell. Hence Krishna says that he is the creator of the main knowledge of Vedas. The last thing which he says in this shloka is really beautiful. He reconfirms that he knows all the Vedas and he is the only complete knower of this knowledge. It means that he is the creator of this knowledge and also sustainer and knower. 

To be able to remember any scriptures, one needs to have a very good memory. He confirms that he is that memory which one possesses to remember. He is also that forgetfulness because of which one can’t remember anything. This shloka states the important element of mind too. 

After explaining the type of beings in the sixteenth shloka, kshar and akshara, in the material world everyone is kshar and in the spiritual world everyone is Akshar, Krishna explains supreme soul is an imperishable element who has entered three worlds to maintain them. 

In the eighteenth shloka, Krishna again states that he is beyond kshar and askhar which means he is beyond the Vaikuntha or any other place one can imagine in this universe and out of the universe. Hence, he is celebrated in both worlds at the same time and same ways. In this way, even in Vedas, he becomes the supreme person. This reaffirms our belief in Veda and Vedic knowledge. 

It is really important for this generation to bring back the Vedic knowledge and lifestyle to get a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. If we don’t support our gurukuls today, tomorrow we will not have enough pujari or purohit to take care of our temples as well as for our personal puja or havan or any other rituals we perform in our life.

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