Seed Donation in Ketitu

The Seed donation drive started by Kenya Vegetarian Club continues as it races to meet its target of reaching out to farmers in the interiors. This time we went to Ketitu as more than 35 representatives from various villages had assembled at Ketitu world vision office.

We also reached out to St Fredrick sub primary school where more than 120 kids participated and promised to be vegetarian and also help the school in farming of Muringa Seeds. These enthusiastic students are the hope for the future of our country and if we instil right values and habits from a young age, I am sure they will grow up to be bright honest citizens of the land. It was a day well spent and I am happy we are visiting so many places and distributing muringa seeds.

ketitoketito 2


Published by Vaishali Shah

Vaishali Shah is the founder owner of Shrivedant Foundation in Kenya. She is an entrepreneur, writer, thinker, an avid reader, an activist, a social bug and a devotee who wants to do different things and do things differently. She has got few degrees like Masters in Commerce, Masters in International Business and Diploma in Web Technologies and many other certificate courses. She thinks that true knowledge and experience is gained from the real life, from our ancient scriptures, our elders and achievers of the society who actually can contribute to our overall growth on a large scale and can uplift our soul to a different level. She is associated with quite a few non-profit organisations in Kenya which are determined to bring awareness of ancient vedic lifestyle and the benefits to implement them into our lives. She also promotes vegetarianism through a club called Kenya Vegetarian Club to help locals to turn and remain vegetarian.

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