Factual error in hindi movie  Dangal

First and formost, the movie is very well made. The concept, storyline and characters are really upto the expectations.

My reason to write about Dangal is, a scene wherein father asks daughters to eat meat for more protien so that they can perform better in wresting. It is again a propoganda of requirement of high protien and encouragement to meat eating.

The reality of Bhogal family is they have been vegetarian all their lives and even girls never had to eat meat to get strength. Because it is an Amir khan movie, nobody is bothered to find out the real fact of such small issues. I found out about it from one of their interviews wherein the girls Geeta and Babita have confirmed that they never had to eat meat to improve their performance.

Friends, please stop the propoganda of protien requirements in our body. The whole concept of protien started by wrestlers in the USA as they have not discovered the strength of pulses.

If you are an office goer and into sitting jobs, you need only two spoons of daal every day which can be adjusted only weekly basis with little larger portion.


Ringing in the New Year with Resolutions


Yet another year draws to a close. Everyone looks forward to a fresh beginning. It has been a mixed bag this year. Trump’s win is poised to change the way the US is seen in the world. Many areas of the world are still marred by war, senseless violence, devastation and homelessness. Drug fuelled lives continue to claim many talented lives. Demonetization changed many things in India. People have adjusted to living within tight budgets. Nature’s fury has resulted in unseasonal floods, droughts and other calamities in many parts of the world.

Looking back we can see how many things could have been avoided if only we had led more responsible lives with consideration for others. That is what the world currently lacks. Expanding waistlines can be treated with diet and exercise but how do we set right contracting hearts. If the heart has to expand and accommodate goodness, a lot of self-effort is needed. We need to look beyond our self, but unfortunately the I, me, mine syndrome seems to be difficult to move away from.

Let us resolve to be a wee bit more loving and forgiving.

Let us resolve to include not just us and ours but also others in that circle of love.

Let us resolve to include other life forms also in our thoughts and prayers.

Let us resolve to preserve nature and prevent its exploitation in the coming year.

May the New Year bring us all happiness and cheer!

Reaching out to women and handicapped children in slums during christmas 

Kenya Vegetarian Club visited the slums of Oboch market near Nyalenda market in Kisumu. The club donated maize and bread to these women and children during the christmas festival of the year. The club also donated to women in Abonga market near domestic airport and Toyota Kenya’s workshop. ​These women mostly sell fish. We explained to them to slowly shift their livelyhood to vegetable farming and stop eating fish. 

Every year during christmas the club invite people to eat only vegetarian food. This time we reached out to them in different areas. 

Son of the Soil


Each time we fill our plate with food, I think of all those who have toiled hard to make it possible to bring the food from the field to the table. Gratitude is what comes uppermost to my mind. Perhaps that is the reason we have so many festivals in India dedicated to agriculture and farming. The year begins with the onset of uttarayan coinciding with January.  Sankaranti is a harvest festival that honors all that is associated with farming like the farmers, cows, implements etc. Then it is the colorful festival of Holi which celebrates the onset of spring after the cold spell of winter. Farmers pray for a good harvest during the year. Baisakhi celebrated mostly in Punjab in April is a thanksgiving for bountiful harvest. The Hareli festival in July August is also a harvest festival popular in Chattisgarh where tribes worship farming equipment and farm animals. Nuakhai is a harvest festival of Odisha celebrated in August September. The Kut Festival celebrated by tribes in Manipur is a post harvest festival. Bengal and other North Eastern states also have their own local versions of the harvest festival.

So there is so much beauty in this great diverse land where people, whichever place they may belong to, have specific festivals dedicated to harvest. 23rd December is observed as Kisan diwas in India. Africa also has many harvest festivals like the Yam Festival or the Homowo Festival which are all thanksgiving festivals for good harvests. We certainly need to observe these days as our lives are blessed by earth and rain, which give us good food which sustains us.


Launching The Veg Safari world over

Dear friends, I am glad to share with you that my book The Veg Safari is available on various online stores across the world. Please order your copy and support our cause of plant based diet and help environment and animals. 
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The book has explained the reasons why we need to take plant based diet more seriously than even before. It strengthens your arguments about the benefits of vegetarian / vegan food no matter which part of the world you live in. I have cited some live examples of how people got benefited by changing their diet, my own experiences and important data from world over related to animal farming, causes of various illnesses and the way forward. It is also a window to Africa and how locals are reciprocating to our efforts. 

Please feel free to share your feedback on our website http://www.kenyavegclub.com 

The book is also available in 39000 stores worldwide through our distribution channel.

To support the same, we have created a Facebook page and twitter handle. Please connect with us on social media platforms too.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheVegSafari/
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Family love


A family is such a wonderful place for each one of us to grow and evolve as a person. It takes a lot of love, commitment and effort to keep the family as a unit. The famous American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn says “Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.”  It is the older members of the family who sow good ideals which become the norm later on. Children observe and imbibe these ideals sub consciously and fashion their later years to a large extent based on the experiences they have received in their childhood. These are called family values which are cherished by each individual as they are unique to each family and which make the journey through life memorable.

Are there a definite set of values straight jacketed for each family? The answer is an overwhelming no for they are different for each family based on so many factors. What holds good for one individual or family may not find favor with another. These are a set of values that are so unique and cherished by each family. They can be described as a set of rules that the entire family stays true to and follows at all times. Sometimes they can also be unspoken rules but are followed as one does not like to cause hurt to others. Over time these bind the members of the family together and in times of distress, these values help one another to tide over the crisis. The family as a solid unit is a bedrock of support and helps each one to find his or her moorings eventually. The warm love that each member basks in is enough to sustain the members through difficult times.

As I look lovingly at all the members of my family my heart also goes out to those unfortunate ones who come from broken homes or are separated from their loved ones due to whatever reason. As we are so close to the New Year maybe one really good resolution would be to extend a loving hand and heart to someone out there who longs for the warmth of love. Maybe in our own small way we can make this world a better place for such unfortunate ones too.

Vegetarianism- Myth Vs Reality


The day was warm and pleasant and we set out on our expedition into the interiors. This time our destination was Songhor Village near Chemeline. The place is so close to nature and with a lot of prehistoric sites, it is a beautiful village near the mountains. There is a huge potential to improve farming in this area and we decided to continue our seed donation program in this village. The farmers there are a well-informed lot. They are aware of the new techniques of farming. It was a pleasure interacting with them.

But what really surprised me is the fact that most of them were vegetarians. They seemed to know all about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. There is this great myth doing the rounds that native African tribes do not endorse vegetarian diet. In fact many seem to think that I am wasting my time promoting plant-based food in Kenya. During the time I was researching for my book The Veg Safari, I read that there were many Africans who embraced a plant-based diet as a matter of routine though they would not advocate it. For many, it was also because of economic compulsions. They found adequate energy for their tough life even in the plant-based items they would prepare. A few tribes have been vegetarians out of choice. So these were all interesting findings and it is a myth to typecast anyone in a particular bracket.

All about Ghee


The box of sweets lay tantalisingly inviting on the table. I tried to ignore it and succeeded. Well almost. Then out of curiosity, I started reading the lines on the packaging. Pure ghee sweets—  written in bold. I also recalled my visit to the ISKCON temple last month where they served Prasad made out of pure ghee.

With so much of ghee news on my mind I started reading about ghee and whether it is actually good for us. Ghee has always been used since ancient times in India. Clarified butter began to be used in the south where temperatures were always warmer than the north. So it had to be ghee or clarified butter and not butter which had to be used. And slowly people started realizing its benefits. As a cooking medium you can use very little and get enhanced flavors. Scientists are now saying that it also aids weight loss. The energy from medium chain fatty acids in ghee and coconut oil actually burns the fat in the body. It improves the functioning of the gall bladder and enhances digestion. Food gets burnt quickly and this also helps in weight loss as fat is not accumulated in the body. Ayurveda recommends usage of ghee as it provides an alkaline system for the body.

All this sounds quite good and I am definitely planning to try out ghee in my diet. Of course moderation is the key.