Tree planting and seed donation at Katuk odeyo village near Kisumu

Kenya Vegetarian Club had another tree planting session on 27th April at Katuk odeyo village near Ketitu to farmers whom we had visited earlier. The farmers received few indigenous and fruit trees for the farms which were ready for planting.

We also donated sample seeds of green gram to few farmers to test if they can produce the same on a large scale.



TV interview at K24 channel and Q FM radio in Kenya

It was a lazy afternoon of Tuesday 19th April when I planned to go to the studio of K24 in Nairobi. It was preceded by an interview at Q FM radio in the morning.

The topic was only about vegetable farming as it was a short interview focusing on promoting various business ventures in small cities of Kenya.

The anchor  went straight to the main topic and asked me relevant questions about how vegetarianism can help farmers and others.

You may watch interview here.


Closing ceremony of Shah Free Eye and ENT camp by Jain youth league Thika

It was truly a pleasure to remain present at the closing ceremony of Jain Youth League Thika on Thursday last week.

The team recognised doctors for their contribution to the society and their service to so many patients. Many of them had recieved the sight after more than three decades.

It was a monent of pride and satisfaction to know that more than eight hundred people recieved free treatment for eyes and other ENT related problems.


TV interview at KBC tv

It was a very early morning for me to start my day for this interview. After going through the initial discussion about the topic with anchor, we went on air.

I must appreciate the smartness and the study anchor did about the vegetarianism. He asked me very relevant questions and the flow of interview was just perfect.

The interview went on for 40 minutes and we could cover most of the area about vegetarianism, vegetable farming, tree planting, health and wellness.


Demonstration of seeds by A Seed Company 

There was a live demonstration of how quality seeds can earn better yields for farmers by a seed company near Ahero on Friday 8th April.

It was quite a learning experience for me to find out about such company which can identify the soil and its quality and recommend the seeds accordingly. This has a direct impact on the lives of farmers who have been experimenting with many crops and have failed due to lack of knowledge. Ultimately these farmers give up farming and become jobless.

After understanding the quality and how the seeds are grown organically I cultivated many iseas to take forward my vegetarian club to the next level.


75th celebration of JainYouth  league of Thika 

I really enjoyed the event of 75th celebration of Jain Yourh League of Thika. The celebration started with prayers to Lord Ganesha presented by Kamini Dance school. They also presented other cultural dances which were truly mesmerising.

The chairperson Mr Hitesh Shah walked through the activities of the organization.  There were many interesting facts about their flagship program Shah free eye clinic which has been going on for last 37 years in various parts of Kenya. The team has operated more than 140000 patients for cataract with many other treatments like ENT related problems.

The event was well attended by more than 340 people from Thika as well as Nairobi.


Eye and ENT clinic by Shree Jain youth league Thika 

img_3613It was a learning experience to be part of the Eye and ENT camp arranged by Shree Jain Yough League of Thika in Kisumu county in this week from Monday till Thursday. Though I didn’t do much to help them but I observed quite a few interesting things from the camp about the patients’ registration, marketing the details of camp, logistics of the camp etc. It was worth spending four days in different locations for few hours.

The camp was conducted in four completely different locations around Kisumu; first day was at Ngere Primary school in Ahero, second was Konditi School at Peponditi, third was at  Wagai primary school in Yala and forth was Jalaram School in Kisumu central.

Dr. S.K. Savla was leading the camp with eight doctors from India; he has been coming to Kenya for last 37 years in April to serve the local community for the eyes related problems specially cataract.

The very able team screened  around 3900 patients for eyes related problems and 2300 ENT patients were checked. At the end of the camp, they found 265 people for cataract problem and 60 for ENT related who were to transported to Thika for further treatment.

It was truly pleasure to know Dr. Savla who has been so dedicated to this camp for last many years. His wife was equally passionate about helping Doctor in his work. I should appreciate the doctors who joined the team without expecting anything in return.


Presentation on forestation in a remote area called Katuk Odeyo near Katito in Kisumu county

This week it was a different challenge to go to farmers and land owners who are keen to grow forests on their lands to stop and reduce soil erosion taking place near their village. It was disheartening to see that this land is the example of largest soil erosion of Kenya.

The place where we had gathered was not far from that six kilometers long soil erosion galli which got developed in last few years. It is due to the pressure of water coming to their lands and spoiling the crops and destroying the villages completely. People have slowly started shifting away from the shore of the galli as they are afraid of any calamities.

Hence I was focused more on forestation and developing trees to save the lands. Let’s try to stop it and develop forests in nearby area. The village has 2000 people with 500 acre of lands ready for farming. They also have started digging the holes to save rain water.

I found that people were keen on vegetable farming too. I also planted few trees in their farms to create boundaries to secure the land.  It was truly a learning experience to get up and close to farmers of the soil. I have started realising that any contribution to nature and the caretakers of nature directly reaches our heart and soul and the satisfaction derived out of it amazingly different from any other worldly pleasures.


Tree planting at Ogal primary and secondary school near in Akuche 

Kenya Vegetarian Club took challenge to go in the interior parts of the country side around Kisumu west. Our team went to Ogal primary and secondary school near Akuche after the airport on 8th April.

The students of the schools were excited to recieve 250 seedlings and started planting on Friday itself. After we reached there on Saturday they greeted us with warmth and we completed rest of the trees in the school compound. We have asked every student to adopt a tree and give them names and nurture them as their own family members.

The school was identified by Ms Atiano Otiano and she arranged the place to plant the trees. 


Interview with KBC TV about vegetable farming

I was bit excited to go back to the farm where we had donated some seeds near Kisumu International airport with the team of media.

The farmers were excited to share their experiences and how the new crops are coming along. Though it is a small beginning of the vegetable farming in this region, it is still impactful as it has drawn some attention of people.