Video conferencing about how to attain peace through scriptures

I just attended a video conferencing about how to attain peace through scriptures.

It was very interesting to know that the world is turning towards the scriptures how and what is being written to avoid conflict and find the solution of today’s problem. I realised that fifteen years back when i started studying Indian scriptures more seriously and realised that finally we all will have to turn towards it to find solution of any problems in the world.

I am so glad that the world leaders, world organisations working towards peace, doctors and researchers working towards the well being are thinking about the scriptures and want to preach the knowledge with the world.

The organisation working towards peace from Seoul- South Korea invited few people of different faith in Kenya on video conferencing wherein people of different faith like Sikhism, Muslim, Hinduism and Christians shared their views of few questions related to what is written about topics like what is the image of the world by the creator, why the world was created, what is the image the world by the creator, weather god exists with us or not.

It  was very interesting to answer these questions as the research itself was a good journey. I was glad to know that everyone was well prepared and shared an excellent view on those topics.

Here are few points which I shared about the scriptures in nutshell.

As we all know that every race, civilisation and community has some or other scriptures which got developed over the period of thousands of years in different parts of the world and in different times. They are meant to revere, worship and we are abide to follow the rules described in them. In today’s time when we are facing so many wars, challenges, unsatisfaction, unrest, unhappiness, its time that we turn to the original theories described by our for-fathers and seers in previous times which was much better and happier.

The most wonderful aspect of all Scriptures is that they are timeless and the message they convey is relevant to entire humankind. Most or all Scriptures speak of values like compassion, love, peace, empathy, hope etc. which are universal and can be taken by anyone anywhere. We all believe in the values of family, togetherness, sharing the resources, friendship and mutual respect for all the races across the world.

But today, the world is racing towards who has got more followers, who has more religious power and more land under their control. In such scenario, its time that we study and spread the message of our scriptures and enlighten people about how they have misunderstood that heaven can be achieved by killing or converting others. We need to respect every religion, every belief system, every scripture originated anywhere in the world and learn from each other. Though I represent the Hindu faith and will share something from Hindu scripture;  I have equal amount of respect and faith in other scriptures and I firmly believe that they also have something significant to teach and share with us.

Let’s see how Hinduism deal with the given questions in its scriptures.

Geeta says that God is inside as well as outside all beings, animate and inanimate. He is incomprehensible because of His subtlety. And because of His omnipresence, He is very near—residing in our inner psyche—as well as far away in the Supreme Abode. (BG 13.15) He is undivided, yet appears to exist as if divided in living beings. He is the ob­ject of knowledge and appears as the Creator (Brahma), Sustainer (Vishnu), and Destroyer (Mahesha) of all be­ings.

Question: There is an explanation about the purpose why creator created this world.

God created this world as his sport and out of pleasure. But it is not the figure of a stern figure sitting on the throne and commanding his minions that we are talking about. The god portrayed here is the most compassionate lord who wants to open our eyes to wisdom, to make us realize the futility of seeking ephemeral pleasures in this world. He left few of his dear souls on this planet to check if these souls are making right choice of coming back to him or not. He gave us the choice of freewill so that we can choose between the right and the wrong, the real from the unreal.

These souls took various births and got stuck in the  vicious cycle of life and death as the temptation to enjoy material world got bigger and bigger.
Question:  Do we live with creator today according to the scripture

Hinduism believes that the creator is the indweller of every individual and therefore one has to live in constant integrated awareness of this fact. The creator comes back to us in different forms and avatara or gurus to help us overcome the miseries we face on daily basis. Hence every now and than we witness such great personalities in the society who deliver the message of the god and spread  love and peace.